How to remove blackheads on the face?

blackheads on the face

Deep-cleansing masks, coarse-grained scrubs, beauty salon sessions… Have you tried everything against blackheads? We help you find clear skin by explaining how to clean blackheads on the face and prevent them from coming back!

How do blackheads develop?

The blackhead, or open comedone , results from the gradual accumulation of sebum in the pores. Instead of spreading on the surface of the skin to nourish the hydrolipidic film, it remains blocked in this small orifice, and oxidizes under the effect of oxygen. This explains its color!

Different factors can explain the presence of blackheads: irregular facial hygiene, hormonal variations, naturally oily or combination skin . That said, how to make blackheads on the face disappear, and say goodbye to them for good?

A beauty routine to remove blackheads on your face

The best answer to your worries is action! Learn how to treat blackheads in a few simple steps:

Remove make-up and cleanse your face morning and evening: valid advice for all skin types, whatever their nature or condition, but which applies particularly well to skin prone to imperfections. To eliminate excess sebum, the best solution is to remove all traces of impurities using products designed for your oily skin: purifying micellar water or cleansing gel ;

Apply salicylic acid , directly to blemishes, before your moisturizer: in pure active form, this keratolytic agent (which removes dead cells from the stratum corneum) eliminates blackheads and other pimples and prevents their reappearance. Use it every evening, until you see an improvement in the skin.

Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week, but beware of exfoliants that are too aggressive, which may sensitize the epidermis and make it even more oily. Prefer a formula with micro-grains , if possible of natural origin. The little trick to make this scrub even more effective? We prepare a little boiling water above which we hold our head for a few minutes, as for an inhalation. The water vapor will open the pores and facilitate the elimination of blackheads;

Follow with a purifying clay -based mask : its sebum-regulating effect will act as a basic treatment to limit the appearance of blackheads.

Remove blackheads on the face… and never see them again!

Has your skin regained its former luster? Congratulations, but don’t rest on your laurels just yet. Because if the blackheads only disappear after attentive care, they tend to make their return quietly, and above all, in a flash!

Leave your skin alone : ​​fiddling with your blackheads with more or less clean nails will only serve to cause superinfection. Which means even more pimples and blackheads , not to mention the marks and scars you’re sure to leave on the battlefield.

Sort through your care kit : products based on mineral oils and waxes, paraffin derivatives, silicones… all these so-called “occlusive” ingredients help to clog the pores of the skin, making the bed of blackheads on the face. These are called comedogenic products … in other words, blackhead factories!

Finally, favor biomimetic ingredients , which adapt to the biology of your epidermis to provide you with a 100% effective facial treatment against blackheads!

Blackhead vacuum cleaners: good or bad idea?

The machine that makes people talk about it, the one that we see everywhere, a real phenomenon. But is it effective , respectful of the skin?

The blackhead vacuum cleaner, as its name suggests, sucks up blackheads and other impurities using an interchangeable nozzle.

Before any use, it is recommended to carry out a cleaning and a steam bath to open the pores of the skin. With the device, it is a question of making slight back and forth movements on the areas concerned (forehead, nose, chin). Then, a treatment is applied to nourish the skin and prevent imperfections from reappearing.

Some experts believe that the force of the suction is not strong enough to damage the skin while others believe that this method would be too stripping. Indeed, the device would suck not only the blackheads but also the moisturizing agents from our skin and therefore weaken our skin barrier. The skin could feel attacked and increase its production of sebum , thus causing the reappearance of blackheads.

In addition, depending on the suction force used, this device could cause inflammation of the skin, often chronic, and leave visible redness and spots. It depends on your skin type. If your skin tends to be more sensitive, it’s best not to use this type of device . For skin with a normal or oily tendency, its use must remain very punctual .

The best routine for getting rid of blackheads is to choose the Treatments and Actives suited to your skin . And this goes through our personalized diagnosis to be done online.

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