How to remove blackheads?

remove blackheads

True enemies, blackheads are sometimes difficult to dislodge. Do not panic, today there are many  solutions to remove blackheads easily and quickly.

How to extract the blackheads present on the face and on the nose? How to prevent their appearance? How to avoid superinfection? Laboté gives you his expert advice.

What is a blackhead?

To better understand how to remove blackheads, you must first look at the mechanism of formation of a blackhead and learn to differentiate a blackhead from a dilated pore. The blackhead is dark in color and corresponds to a clogged canal (as in the photos above) while the pore is often lighter in color and it is not clogged; it is simply visible. Ultimate test: if you lightly pinch the skin, the blackhead “pops out” slightly while the pore remains unchanged, it takes the shape of your pinching gesture.

How does a blackhead form?

When a blackhead forms, it is because the channel intended to evacuate the sebum is blocked by dead cells. The sebum then accumulates in the channel, and forms a plug under the surface of the skin. When the sebum reaches the surface, it oxidizes and turns black: this is how a blackhead appears!

Blackheads often develop on the T-zone of the face, ie the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Indeed, these areas contain twice as many sebaceous glands as on the rest of the face, the pores are therefore more dilated, and the production of sebum is greater. Fortunately, there are solutions for removing blackheads which are often unsightly and cause complexes.

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Face routine: products to prevent the appearance of blackheads

To avoid having to remove blackheads, the ideal is to prevent their appearance through the use of good care products. Discover the actions to adopt:

Non-comedogenic treatments

First of all, be sure to choose only non-comedogenic and sebum-regulating treatments . Indeed, certain treatments, in particular moisturizing creams, tend to cause comedones in skin that is sensitive to them (discover the list of comedogenes in our glossary, under “ comedogens ”). At Laboté, we recommend our smooth skin day cream and our  non-comedogenic metamorphosis night cream , rich in astringent and sebum-regulating active ingredients, for skin prone to blackheads.( wild pansy , virgin jojoba oil , virgin nigella oil , etc.)

Gentle cleaning

On the face cleanser side, avoid soap, cleansing gels or micellar waters, which are often too aggressive for the skin. These cleansers risk damaging the hydrolipidic film of the skin, causing an increase in the production of sebum, and the appearance of many blackheads. Instead, choose a cleansing oil such as  the essential cleansing oil  that will remove make-up and cleanse the skin without attacking its protective film. The essential Laboté cleansing oil does not leave a greasy film and is ideal for combination to oily skin.

A bi-weekly exfoliation practice

a gentle exfoliation every week with the perfect peeling with hibiscus flower acids. This gesture is ideal for removing blackheads on the surface by eliminating the dead cells causing the obstruction of the pores. Be careful, too aggressive or repeated exfoliation can damage the skin barrier and increase sebum production.

A green clay mask against blackheads

Once a week, on the affected areas, apply a green clay mask. The clay will absorb excess sebum and prevent the appearance of blackheads. Coupled with purifying Zinc in our SERIAL KILLER formula, the mask can also reduce blackheads already present.

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